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Job Ref:

Job Title:
Security guard receptionist (F)

26 926 € annual gross + benefits i.e. possibility of an additional 6.5 hours per month (time accumulated over the 35 hours per week) at 125% the hourly rate + 7 OTR (refunded overtime) days a year, transportation benefit, 13th month, and health insurance benefit.

Vacancy type:

Term Details:
1 permanent position to be filled + recruitment reserve



Embassy of Canada, 130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

Closing date for applications:
13-08-2019 at 23:59 UTC+1 / GMT+1

Summary of position:
Summary of duties
Under the responsibility of the Detachment Commander of the Military Police and under the supervision of the security program officer, the security guard receptionist actively participate to the Canadian Embassy‘s Security. She cares about the access control inside the Canadian Embassy and the cultural center as well as badge control and distribution of escort badges. She maintains the activity log, welcomes the visitors and guides them towards the various Canadian services in Paris or towards certain French Services. She is also in charge of the reception of deliveries.
Due to quota in place, and due to security regulations and requirements relative to security test palpation on same sex individuals, this position is open to female candidates or administratively recognized as such.

Detailed description of functions:

1) Security and access control at the Canadian Embassy Cultural Center

• Control people's access to the Canadian Embassy and Cultural Centre and access to authorized vehicles in the parking lot.
• Monitor cameras, intrusion and fire alarms.
• Investigate alarms to determine their validity.
• Perform technical searches, security palpations based on operational requirements, control and receive visitors wishing to enter the Embassy.
• Detect suspicious behaviors.
• Distribute passes suited for visitors, trainees and contractors.
• Control the wearing of badges for employees and visitors in the Embassy compound.
• Maintain an activity log (entries and exits of statutory work hours, visitor’s entries and exits, events, issuance and return of badges).
• Support the private company security guard at the embassy entrance.
• Accept and record anything found until it is given to the military police officer on duty.
• Assist with emergency calls.
• Perform any related duties as requested by the Duty Military Police member, Security Program Officer or Military Police Detachment Commander.

2) Greeting and reception :

• Greet Canadian and French visitors and direct them to the various Embassy services.
• Receive mail and deliveries for the Canadian Embassy and Cultural Center.
• Distribute various brochures of information.
• Answer standard calls and refer callers to appropriate departments.

Essential qualifications:
Candidates will initially be selected based on the essential qualifications relating to education, experience and the required linguistic profile. Qualifications constituting an asset may also be taken into account for the screening of applications. Candidates will have to clearly demonstrate, in their covering letter, the manner in which they meet these criteria by explaining clearly and concretely how they meet each criterion of the essential qualifications and also, where appropriate, the qualifications considered assets. Please note that it is not sufficient simply to assert that one meets the requirements or to list current responsibilities.
Short-listed candidates will subsequently be assessed in relation to the qualifications with the help of tools such as: written exam, interview, role-play, simulation exercise, reference checks and psychometric tests.
French baccalaureate or equivalent
Excellent expression and understanding of French (both written and spoken).
Operational understanding and basic spoken English.
Experience :
• A minimum of one year of recent* (i.e. acquired within the last three years) working experience in physical security and access control in a public or private institution, army or among the law enforcement forces.
• Experience using current applications, such as Microsoft (Outlook, Word, Excel) and internet search engines.
Abilities :
• to respond appropriately and quickly
• to work as a team
• to set priorities and organize one’s work
• to manage difficult clientele
• to perform general office practices
• to lift material weighing up to 25kgs
• to work for long hours in stand-up position
3.5. Competencies :
• Client focus and service
• Adaptability and flexibility
• Team work and collaboration
• Discernment
• Detection of suspicious behavior

Asset Qualifications:
A preference may be given to candidates who, above the essential qualifications, also possess the following asset qualification. It is incumbent upon candidates to explain and demonstrate in their motivation letter how they meet these asset criteria:
• Higher education degree (equivalent to French baccalaureate + 2 i.e. a level 3 validated French diploma) or equivalent post-secondary degree, in security
• First aid certificate
• Good knowledge of English both written and spoken
• Working experience in domestic security
• Training in or practical exposure to self-defence or martial arts

If candidates satisfy the criteria related to education, languages or experience listed in the asset qualifications, they must also clearly demonstrate how they meet these criteria in their covering letter and/or CV in order for these to be taken into account.

Organizational Needs:

Operational Requirements:
• Full-time position of 5 days a week from Monday until Friday
• Good physical condition (static position, heavy parcels, …)
• Capacity to work in stand-up position
• Staggered working hours
• Be able and willing to work overtime under short notice
• Quick availability
• Due to quota in place, and due to security regulations and requirements relative to security test palpation on same sex individuals, the priority will be given to female candidates or administratively recognized as such.

Condition(s) of Employment:
• Reside in France and be authorized to live and work as an employee in France on a permanent basis;
• Ability to obtain and maintain security clearance at the level of 'Reliability” from the Canadian Government.

Area of selection:
This position is open to candidates who have their main residence in France and legally authorised to work in France permanently as an employee, and who meet all of the pre-requisites, i.e. all the essential qualifications and potentially the qualifications considered to be assets, and whose applications are received by the closing date and time. Candidates must have their main residence in France and their permanent work authorisation in France as an employee at the time of publication of this selection process. Important: The Embassy of Canada does not sponsor and does not assist people in any way in obtaining a residence or work permit. This position is also open to spouses of Canada-based staff posted in one of the three Canadian missions in Paris (Embassy of Canada, Canadian delegations to UNESCO and the OECD), who hold a valid Canadian or French social security number, who meet all of the pre-requisites, i.e. all the essential qualifications and potentially the qualifications considered to be assets, and whose applications are received by the closing date and time.

Important Notes:
How to Apply
• Please complete the online application form. Candidates must also upload their covering letter and CV.
• Candidates must clearly demonstrate in their covering letter how they possess the essential qualifications and, if applicable, the qualifications considered to be assets, by explaining clearly and concretely how they satisfy each criterion related to education and experience and linguistic profile with respect to the essential qualifications and, if applicable, with respect to each qualification considered to be an asset.
• In their covering letter, candidates must also include the names, titles, email addresses and telephone numbers of at least three people, including recent direct supervisor or clients, who can serve as references for work experience acquired over the last three years.
• Any application missing any of the requested documents or requested information will be automatically rejected.

Important notes
• Communication for this process will be sent by email. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the contact information provided is correct and updated as necessary.
• Candidates who apply for this selection process must include an email address that accepts emails from unknown users (some email systems block these types of emails).
• Candidates selected at the screening stage will be invited to participate in the following steps of the evaluation process which will include one or several components. The assessment methods may include: written exams, interviews, simulations, role-playing games, practical exercises, reference checks and psychometric tests.
• All assessments will be held at the Embassy of Canada, 130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris 8.
• Assessments are currently planned second half of August 2019.
• Reference checks may be sought for candidates who reach the interview stage and may form part of the selection process.
• The costs arising from participation in this selection process will be the candidates’ responsibility. The Embassy of Canada in Paris does not reimburse any travel costs to and from interviews/exams, nor does it reimburse any relocation costs in the event of appointment.
• The Embassy of Canada in Paris does not directly or indirectly sponsor work permits and does not assist people in any way to obtain a residence or work permit.
• After the assessments, a list ranking the candidates according to the results obtained will be established. The positions will be offered to the most successful candidates based on the ranking.
• The results of this competition may also be used to establish a reserve list of candidates, valid for a period of twelve months, for openings of similar permanent or temporary positions at the same level to be filled at the Embassy of Canada.
• Employees engaged locally by the Canadian Embassy in France are subject to the Conditions of Employment for locally engaged staff in France. Employees who hold Canadian citizenship will need to pay social charges and income taxes in Canada, unless they hold derogation from relevant Canadian authorities.
• For any question, please send an email to This email address does not accept any applications which must, without exception, be submitted online.

Sorry, this vacancy is closed.

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